Battling Identity Suppression in the Workplace

A Caramel Macchiato Of Realness

I find myself, more often than not these days, discussing workplace inclusion and how both public and private entities seeking to remain relevant should go about reimagining their existence.  Now, I am known to embrace trying new things and testing the boundaries, but the idea of exploring workplace culture as it relates to the individual identity of employees is crucial.  An organization cannot expect to become or remain relevant if their office norms are reflective of a period of time that no longer exists.  That said, I have created a top 5 list for your consideration.  Consider this list a consolidation of my own personal experiences and observations of workplace culture.  This list is obviously not exhaustive and I do not seek to suggest that these items are the only valid items in dealing with issues of identity politics in the workplace.  However, what I do hope to suggest through…

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